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Integrated Supply

Let us discuss the options you have with the John Day Company that will result in Total Cost Reduction for your company. Quality products and services are key elements to both our businesses, however in todays competitive environment that may not be enough. A systems contract with John Day Company is customized to meet your exact requirements and built around a set of key concepts designed to reduce your acquisition and possession costs. Our desire is to prove that our most basic service is problem solving, not order taking. Working to achieve your stated goals must be addressed methodically and involve the complete Market Channel (vendors, distributor, customer). John Day Company is proud of our long term relationship across this channel and knows that given proper direction with open communication the channel can be utilized at a most efficient level.

If your interests lie in:

  • lowering acquisition costs
  • lowering possession costs
  • reduction in the number of vendors
  • streamlined ordering process
  • JIT order delivery
  • 100% availability on contracted items
  • simplified purchasing department procedures
  • more efficient inventory space utilization
  • better pricing management
  • recovering opportunity costs

We would be very pleased to discuss the implementation of a systems contract with you, custom design its features and value added benefits for your company to obtain substantial cost savings, greater efficiencies and reduced labor effort

We also offer CribMaster Inventory Management Software to help with inventory control and management of MRO supplies in the tool crib. CribMaster is the most feature packed tool crib / store room software available on the market today. CribMaster automates the tasks involved with managing tooling or any indirect material in a manufacturing workplace.

Managing the issue and return of tools from the tool crib or store room, linking directly to point-of-use distribution, managing calibration schedules, tracking usage by cost centers, automatically generating and sending orders to suppliers, linking multiple facilities, identifying items by a common item number, tracking kits and assemblies, tracking tools through the re-work process, gaining the ability to utilize FIFO accounting, tracking lot numbers, tracking expiration dates, linking tool documents, custom field creation, linking with other applications... are just a few of the things possible with CribMaster and the John Day Company.

Gain control of your tool crib today!

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Schmidt
Industrial Sales
402.455.8000 Ext.3063